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Yes, that means covered in both senses of the word (so bail right here if you're looking for the other stuff). Our goal has been to gather as much of the positive material that's out there into one place and then to keep up with the latest and newest projects and developments in Rachel's career and life.

Started by members of the Rachel Miner Fans Yahoo Group - (the best place to go for the latest breaking news and information). Your additions, updates and corrections are welcome. Contact us at: RMFangroup@aol.com

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  1. Rachel returns to Supernatural as the demon Meg, Friday, December 3rd in the episode titled, Caged Heat, airing at 9:00 PM on the CW. After first capturing the Winchester brothers, Meg strikes up a deal with them to go after the demon, Crowley. Also coming along is angel Castiel. Meg and Castiel have had some interesting interactions in the past and may again (according to pics which are popping up Online). Supernatural stars Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Jim Beaver, Misha Collins and Mark Sheppard.
  2. Rachel is in the recently released to DVD film, Love and Distrust. The film consists of several short films edited together to tie the lives of several people together across a day. The stars are Amy Adams, Robert Downey, Jr., James Franco, Michael Imperioli, Rachel Miner, Robert Pattinson, Talulah Riley and Sam Worthington. Nice group. (BTW, Rachel's original short film was shot with James Franco and is titled Grasshopper.)
  3. Now available on DVD: The Memory Thief, written and directed by Gil Kofman, starring Mark Webber, Rachel Miner and Gerry Adler. The film follows Lukas, an aimless young man who becomes obsessed with the Holocaust and gets involved with a survivor and his daughter.
  4. Rachel guest stars on ABC's new series, No Ordinary Family, in the episode, No Ordinary Quake. Airing, Tuesday, October 26th at 8:00 PM EST. The series stars Michael Chiklis, Julie Benz, Jimmy Bennett and Kay Panabaker as a family that acquires super powers after a plane crash. Rachel plays Rebecca, and it looks like she may cause trouble for the family of heroes.
  5. Rachel guest starred, along with Christopher Cousins, on the pilot episode of the new FX series, Terriers, Wednesdays at 10:00 PM. This cool new show stars Donal Logue (most recently on the series, Life) and Michael Raymond-James (seen in the first season of True Blood). Her character was Eleanor "Ellie" Gosney. Original air date, September 8, 2010. (Six Degrees of Separation: Michael Raymond-James played Rachel's husband in the episode of Life on which she guest starred and Donal Logue was a regular.)
  6. Rachel guest starred on Army Wives in the episode titled, Murder in Charleston. Her character was Jasmine. The ep. was a test for a possible spin-off that did not get picked up that would have starred Brigid Brannagh and Gabrielle Union as cops in Atlanta.
  7. Rachel completed shooting on the After Dark Films/SyFy Original movie, 51. Directed by Jason Connery, it also stars Jason London, Bruce Boxleitner, John Shea and Vanessa Branch.
  8. Rachel is listed in the cast of a short film titled The Love Affair, written and directed by Travis Huff.
  9. Rachel was at this year's Comic Con in San Diego, with After Dark Films for the second year in a row.
  10. Rachel has completed shooting on the independent film, Life of Lemon with Dan Lauria, Beth Grant, Willie C. Carpenter, Barry Kneller and Mimi Kennedy. Written by Barry Kneller and directed by Randy Kent. Visit the official website.
  11. Rachel is part of the Online comedy sketch team Reckless Tortuga. If you are old enough (some of the material is pretty raw) check them out at: Youtube, Funny or Die, or the Reckless Tortuga website.
  12. The project Shifter (comic books and film), has changed titles to Cross and so far Rachel is still attached to the project. Visit the official website.
  13. Rachel is attached to the independent film, House of Good and Evil with Tippi Hedren (from the original Psycho), Brian Baumgartner (from The Office) Christian Conley and Douglas Spain. The film is described as "Heaven and Hell, split down the middle." Written by Blu de Golyer (who also wrote How to Make a Movie) and to be directed by Clint Howard (brother of Ron and a longtime actor).
  14. New on DVD: Supernatural, Season 5 with episodes, Sympathy for the Devil and Abandon All Hope and CSI: Miami, Season 7 with episode, Presumed Guilty.
  15. Check out Rachel's online interviews for College Crier and Switched.com.